The Power of A Single Moment

The Power of a Single Moment

May 9th, 2018

To the woman that noticed me today. Thank you.

As I sat in a coffee shop facing the window, I alone, worked on my laptop. The shop was full of people, but me, I was alone. I was working, writing, sinking, forgetting. I was trying to vibe, trying to feel the day for once. I was listening to some mellow music, enjoying the evening and there you were. In the corner of my eye I saw you. Your eyes were wide, the corner of your mouth shifted up, your hands lifted with energy simply to point at me. Acknowledge me. I looked up at you, with what was probably a confused expression. You pointed at me up and down and with amazement on your face, you lipped the words, “I love your outfit, you are so cute!” My eyebrows raised and my mouth shifted just the way yours did. I said “thank you” and hoped you could feel and imagine the sound that came from my lips. I was honored. Nodding your head, you lifted your hand and created the OK signal with your fingers. I laughed, and in that moment forgot that a glass window divided us. I thought you were beautiful too. Shy, I looked down and continued to smile. I looked up to say words I have not yet formed in my head. You were gone. I waited a moment before looking to the entrance of the coffee shop, hoping to see you walk in. I pretended what it would be like for you to come to me and continue to complement each other. Learn more about one another. The thought of potentially making a new friend amused me. I could use that…a new friend. I didn’t even know you and I felt as though we shared something. Looking back I realized that something was sisterhood. It was womanhood. It was female empowerment.

Thank you for empowering me today. Thank you for reminding me that I have a world full of sisters. Thank you for seeing me. Reminding me that I am someone worthy enough to be seen. I hope you know that I saw you too, and wished to see you longer. I guess some people you are to meet for just a single moment. A split second. I think that maybe makes it more powerful…do you agree? It shows that a complete stranger, with little interaction can greatly impact your very life. Which makes me wonder, how do the people you interact with regularly, impact you? How do you impact others?

I’ve been feeling like I am in my own world for awhile now. That we are all in our own, individual world. But you saw me in mine, and pulled me into yours. You showed me the very world we all stand in together. YOU did that. I think I will start to look up more often now. Hold myself a little higher. You never know when you may meet a long lost sister.

Thank you, and girllllll…you were rocking it too!

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