Fleeting Moments of Time

Fleeting Moments of Time

June 3rd, 2018

I think learning how to be alone is crucial in beginning the journey of understanding yourself and the relationships you surround yourself with. As I learn to balance loneliness and self-love I begin to further grasp the true depth and value of time. I have a greater respect for my own time and others. The value in people sharing their time together (to me) is the most priceless thing this world has to offer. Whether that time is spent with others or providing needed time you desire for yourself, it shows the transition between using up time and spending time… respecting time and whomever you share it with. It is the acknowledgement of love and witnessing the value of shared love. Our lives are made of moments. If someone is willing to share just a moment of their time…their life with me, I am greatly honored. For the moment where two separate lives come together, is the moment when two lives, for the time being, become one.

It is not easy for someone to open themselves up to another. It is a rarity for a soul to bare itself. This is why time is priceless. Why you are priceless. When enjoyed our soul has the power to make time feel infinite. Whether it’s alone time or time spent with others make sure it is with someone who provides love. Make sure it is someone who makes moments infinite while at the same time making moments feel not long enough.

Time is forever moving, forever being born and forever dying. It is intangible; cannot be stopped and yet it can be felt. A life where one learns to be at peace with time by simply loving and sharing it, is a life well spent.

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