Mamma Poem

MAMMA: Poem & Performance

My mamma 
Oh my mamma is like that of wind 
She knows how to make you feel kisses from a distance 
Take a falling leaf and let its veins write you a love letter 
Oh my mamma can speak to birds 
She makes sure they say good morning from my bedroom window everyday 
Let it be known…my mamma don’t play 
And on the day’s I’m feeling lonely 
She’ll make sure the world has a playlist ready to make me dance 
Twirl around and remind me that I’m my greatest romance
Oh my mamma resembles trees 
Home to many, but has embedded its roots within me
Ancestral ties
She says, “Never forget the women who have given you life”
Oh my mamma is a river 
A place to bathe in love, but come out an olympic swimmer
Oh my mamma knows the ways of the sun 
Whispers its warmth in her original mamma tongue
Generational queue

A line of women that bear the world, and yet see it in you
Oh my mamma has made mistakes 
She learned the ways of a needle and sewn them beautifully on her cape
No she cannot fly
She taught me how to stand my ground and when to stride on by 
But most importantly, my mamma says shes proud of me 
Tells me I’ve helped make her into the woman she never thought she’d be
And I’m so happy to see 
Little parts of my mamma sprinkled in me 
And I know a day will come 
When I too will have to learn the original mamma tongue
And I will send the wind, drop a leaf, speak to the birds, and be a tree 
To be all the amazing things my mamma was for me 
Because each time I share the story of how my mamma was that of mother earth 
A flower is planted, and love is birthed.

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