Kit Kat Love Poem

Kit Kat Love

I want a kit kat kind of love  
The type of love where we are still a single unity on our own.  
Still good separated  
Even better to be shared 
But known to be together  
I want to feel like I’ve been dipped in chocolate  
Devoured like I’m rich 
We are to compliment each other  
Our love is to be paired with wine  
Feel like we are indulging 
Yet slowly losing our minds  
Bottle by bottle  
I want you to make me dance  
Hmm a little tune  
We are delicate  
Should be handled with care  
Though still capable to be inhaled like a woman craving us once a month  
Like I am to crave you  
Once a month  
We will remind each other that we aren’t crazy  
That we were made for each other  
Prepackaged with each of our own destiny that happened to melt together 
We are to be the anticipation a child has when coming home after  trick or treating  
We are too impatience to check the wrapper, you are worth every possible danger 
We are to simply “just make sense”  
Like a kit kat to its bar  
Our love is to come in fun size and in king  
You already know I am a queen  
A little crunch with every step  
A little snap in every bite  
Our love is to be addicting  
A warning on our label  
A love one should splurge on for the simple fact it makes you feel good  
I want a kit kat kind of love  
Unraveled slowly  
And enjoyed piece by piece  

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