To Be Black

To Be Black

April 20th, 2020

To be black is to be
And accounted for
To be bold, brave and beautiful
Being black is to be

Cause they look at us as if we ain’t breathin

The very oxygen we have being PRESSED out of the very bodies they beat
To gasp the air they said we’re lucky to even breath

Nothing is free.

Doesn’t matter that our roots are embedded in the soil we all walk upon
Our roots go deeper than the trees
Reach further than the leaves
Damn our roots can be found within any body you see
Black people are the REASON you breathe

Ohhh but we are alive
The black shadow that they tried to hide
Has learned to unveil itself even in the darkest of times

When locked away to constantly live in that of night
You learn what it means to be your own light
We are
Shooting stars
We are good damn street lights
Because even when the world kicked us out
We always knew when it was time to come home
For our roots run deep
Vibrate beneath our very feet

Can you hear it?
Our very heartbeat?
The sound of bare feet running for freedom
For LIFE It is that of a drum
That of a trail
That of a fight for life!

Ohh to be black
To be black is to breathe
To be black is to be free

Ohhh to be black
To be black is to breathe

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