The Art of Silent Commotion

The art of silent commotion

October 2nd, 2018

As important as it is to find someone you can talk to, it’s just as crucial to find someone you can sit in silence with; have a shared sense of comfortability. The moments where no words need to be spoken because your presence already speak volumes. Love doesn’t require the unnecessary need to fill up space that is equally as beautiful being empty. There is no awkward silence. No bullshit small talk. Love is unspoken. Love is unbound. Love is a dark room with the muffled TV playing in the background. Blinding, all while guiding.

Opening yourself to love can be a scary thing. No one wants to get out of their warm comfy bed to check on the noise that is constantly ringing. That bed is soft, cozy, and has been warmed all thanks to your own body heat. You are capable to keep yourself warm, and that’s a miraculous thing. Yet, as you lay there, trying to doze off…that noise continues to be heard and as much as you want to ignore it, you know you’ll sleep so much better if you get up out of that bed and turn it off.

So as you fight all the evil illusions in your head, finally convincing yourself you are safe to get up alone in your own home, you do just that. You get up and shuffle your feet towards the sound. Eyes squinting, you lift your arms to reach for any sense of direction. Your hands are the only safety net you have, and you’ll be damned not to use them. As you near, the sound has grown so much you realize it’s okay to rest your arms and release your net. You stand before it, tired yet relieved. Allowing the noise to settle, and truly be heard for what it is…a song.

As you kneel down, surrendering yourself to the source of noise that once caused so much frustration, you reach your arm out and with the push of a little round button, you turn it off.

Stillness resides.

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