No Such Thing as a One Man Hero

No Such Thing as a One Man Hero

February 22nd, 2018

Sometimes the world can be depressing. When you hear, read, and see the horrific corners of the world, you can sometimes feel stuck; sick. I know I do. You know there needs to be change. Someone needs to take action. Yet you sit there, wondering who’s going to to be the one to take the first step? Who will be the first one to risk it all? I think we all have these thoughts in which we know something isn’t right. We can clearly see right from wrong. But when you learn about society and the deep crevices of government, you feel as if there is no hope. There is always an excuse to not speak out. You’re too young, too old. You have to protect yourself, your family. Maybe the funds aren’t there. Perhaps you think it isn’t your place, isn’t your job. Or maybe…you’re scared. Honestly, I’d say you have every right to be. This world is and can be fucking scary.

This is when I realized there is no such thing as a one man hero. When action is taken. When a revolution begins, there may be a leader. Yes. But it takes a village to make any type of change.

What is the difference between a successful revolution and a non successful one? The balance between selflessness and selfishness. You must be selfless in taking risk for the benefit of others, and selfish in knowing what you deserve. It is realizing you are part of a whole.

I am not saying you should do anything. This is your life and it is your right to live it how you want. Just know, that these feelings. These urges of wanted change are not isolated. You are not alone. If you take the first step, just know a million more will follow. There is no such thing as a one man hero.

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