January 30, 2018

Why do we hesitate when we want to initiate a conversation? Why do we second guess? What is it that we fear so much that we end up never even hearing the person’s voice we so long to speak with. Do you find them attractive? Want to give a compliment? Maybe it’s curiosity that drives you. Or maybe loneliness. It seems we so frequently talk ourselves out of things that can bring us (or others) happiness. We have the power to make someone’s day. The ability to make our own day and yet the slightest chance of no success sways us to walk past.

I long for companionship. Someone to talk to. Someone to challenge me and be different than me. I want to meet new people everyday, and my fear is that the person I approach doesn’t  share the same desire. That they will think I’m some freak that popped out of nowhere. Who do I think I am anyways? I don’t even know them…but I want to. I want to know that I am not so alone in this crazy, busy, isolated world. I’d kill for some eye contact and sincere engagement. I know I cannot rely on others to speak to me, I can’t wait for others to be interested. So how do I start? How do I approach a stranger that is minding their own business? I want to know about them and I want them to know about me.

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Alyssa Kinahan-Dundas