Lay Me Down

March 16th, 2018

I fall in love so easily and I’m grateful to have love, of all things, be my Achilles’ heel. Should I be pained for loving too soon, at least I loved. If I gained a petal for each moment I felt love towards someone, or something, I’d have a garden so rich you’d confuse a bouquet for a cloud. When I die, I hope to be laid in this garden, with each petal of love kissing my skin. Surrounded by each memory of pure happiness, thrill and mystery so natural that it can’t be replicated but only remembered. A time for the love I gave, to love me back just the same. Imagine the flower that would grow.
Be a flower of love, and be vulnerable in giving and receiving. A bee will take, and a bee will give and honey your sweet love will be indulged. This world would be tasteless without you.

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Alyssa Kinahan-Dundas