Collection of written poetry & performances by Alyssa Dundas

To Be Black

April 20th, 2020 To be black is to be Human Present Accountable And accounted for To be bold, brave and beautiful Being black is to be Alive Cause they look at us as if we ain’t breathin Oppression… The very oxygen we have being PRESSED out of the very bodies…
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The Undeserving

When you try forgetting him but you can’t Remember he was never really all thatRemember he loved to talk .TO. you but never with you  And when you would text him he would never reply back  The best time to get his attention was drunken nights  Saturdays to be more exact  And although you’d always…
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Mamma Poem

My mamma Oh my mamma is like that of wind She knows how to make you feel kisses from a distance Take a falling leaf and let its veins write you a love letter Oh my mamma can speak to birds She makes sure they say good morning from my bedroom window everyday Let it be…
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Kit Kat Love Poem

I want a kit kat kind of love  The type of love where we are still a single unity on our own.  Still good separated  Even better to be shared But known to be together  I want to feel like I’ve been dipped in chocolate  Devoured like I’m rich We are to compliment each other  Our love is…
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I Need You To Know Poem

To the people who say they love me  Please stop asking how I am because I hate lying and somehow it still shocks me you have to ask I need you understand the person you fell in love with has died  She is gone Know that who I am now is someone you will…
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Check Yourself Poem

To the boy who said,  “I’ve never fucked a black girl before” As if the spreading of my legs has anything to do with my race As if the melanin make up in my skin is a deciding factor of worthiness for love I am not an exception I am exceptional  I am a curly…
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Alyssa Kinahan-Dundas